MergeRF® is a patented system of hardware-software modules that translates open and proprietary device protocols into one unified language allowing central control and management of all devices in a wireless mesh IoT network.
A wide range of 3rd party sensors give real-time insight and a basis for real-time optimizing of energy usage and space utilization in real estate buildings. Connected health sensors improves health services in care centers and private homes.


Real estate: A MergeRF® system is easily retrofitted into any large building. While some sensor manufacturers secure vendor lock in by being the single source for the sensor communication, Vitir relies on open standards and invites any sensor manufacturer to join one common infrastructure. Our customers own their network and their sensor data. All data aggregation is inside our customers’ premises and customers can at any time choose service providers for data visualization and analysis and space and energy optimization. A Vitir MergeRF® Central Unit in the building will also connect to the (existing) Building Automation System without data leaving the building first.

Care centers: The long-range IoT infrastucture supports local Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity towards wearables and medical sensors. The local Central Unit enables a patented roaming connectivity of BLE devices in large buildings and private homes, enabling long-range and interference-free BLE connectivity.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners Radiocrafts and Tinymesh are wireless experts and suppliers of well-proven wireless solutions with millions of devices installed worldwide.


MergeRF® is based on Sub-1 GHz technology high-performance integrated circuits from Texas Instruments and industry leading 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) integrated circuits from Nordic Semiconductor:


Vitir represents the industrial grade sensor family from Lansen Systems AB. The readout protocol is Wireless M-Bus OMS, an open standard supported by millions of devices. Wireless M-Bus sensors and a multitude of flow meters and energy meters from hundreds of manufacturers are fully compliant with MergeRF® IoT infrastructure.

Radon PRO:

Vitir’s industrial grade Radon Pro sensor enables real-time radon measurements for high accuracy logging and ventilation control.

Mobile connected health devices:

Vitir is an active member of  Personal Connected Health Alliance and is developing an unified communication interface and infrastructure for wearable sensors.

Completed Projects using MergeRF®

Statsbygg Campus Remmen

Campus Remmen covers an area of 33,000 m2 and is part of Statsbygg‘s portfolio of 2,700 buildings. At Statsbygg Campus Remmen, the Vitir MergeRF wireless infrastructure and wireless sensors that provide extensive insight in indoor air climate and space utilization were installed in one day while the campus remained fully operational. Now the entire building has IoT network coverage without interacting or interfering with the existing Wi-Fi.

Campus Remmen is one of two reference buildings for Statsbygg in their digitalization process.


MergeRF® is installed in public buildings owned by Omsorgsbygg as part of their process of digitalizing existing buildings. The Vitir sensor portfolio delivers continuous measurements of indoor air climate, space utilization and energy usage. Omsorgsbygg is a municipal property company with around 1,150 buildings and 900,000 sqm in total in the Oslo-area and is in process of a large-scale deployment of systems for insight into and regulation of existing buildings.

The insight gained by the wireless IoT network is enabling substantial savings in power usage and improved indoor air quality.

Vigelandsmuseet and Bislett stadium

Vigelandsmuseet is a museum dedicated to the work of the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland and is one of 40 large public buildings facilitated by the Oslo Kommune department for culture and sport buildings (KID). To secure stable temperatures and humidity to preserve the art and to provide optimum air quality for the staff, sensors delivered by Vitir were chosen. The MergeRF® wireless system and infrastructure provides coverage of the entire museum without any structural modifications. The sensors and infrastructure are, to a large extent, hidden and are hardly visible.

The famous Bislett stadion is another building facilitated by KID where MergeRF® system monitors all indoor climate parameters on the track and in the offices.

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