MergeRF® reduces real estate maintenance and management costs via insight gathered by data sourcing from the entire building or construction site. The network is completely wireless, meaning that no drilling or major modifications of the building infrastructure is required.

As the installation is quick and affordable, MergeRF® digitizes existing buildings for a fraction of alternative solutions.


IAQ Profiling Kit

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring kit is suitable for 5-700 sqm area, typical applications are kindergartens and small office buildings. Kit contents:

  • 1x Central Unit (CU) Open Platform with 4G modem
  • 2x Radon PRO sensors with embedded bridge capabilities
  • 2x CO2/T/H combo sensors
  • 1x T/H combo sensor

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Real Estate Profiling Kit

The Real Estate monitoring kit will cover an area of 3-5 000 sqm like schools and other public and private buildings and give detailed insight into IAQ and presence detection. Kit contents:

  • 1x Central Unit (CU) Open Platform with 4G modem
  • 2x Radon PRO sensors with embedded bridge capabilities
  • 4x CO2/T/H combo sensors
  • 2x VOC/T/H combo sensors
  • 6x T/H combo sensors
  • 2x Door open/close
  • 3x PIR sensors
  • 2x Vitir Multi-Bridge

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Sensors and MergeRF® Infrastructure Components

Wireless M-Bus

Vitir represents Lansen Systems AB (Sweden) and their large portfolio of quality sensors for monitoring of indoor air quality and detection of parameters for deducing space utilization and alarm situations.

The portfolio includes high-precision:

  • CO2/Temp/Humidity
  • VOC/Temp/Humidity
  • PIR/Lux/Sound
  • Door/window open/closed
    and number of openings
  • Leakage detection
  • Pulse counting

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Radon PRO

High-sensitivity radon sensor for accurate measurements and continous logging of radon levels. Industrial grade sensor element for automated ventilation control.

  • 10 min update interval for ventilation control
  • Precision grade sensor element
  • Embedded MergeRF® wireless bridge for bridging Lansen sensors and other Wireless M-Bus devices into the mesh network

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Central Unit

Central Unit for the MergeRF® system, acting as Gateway for the LWPAN network. Ethernet connection and with 4G modem based on an open platform Single Board Computer (SBC).


Multi-Wireless communication and wired I/O-interface and wired serial interface. A bridge connects locally to devices (sensors or actuators) using wireless communication and wired communication. A bridge connects via other bridges to the Central Unit.

The interfaces supported by a bridge:

  • Wireless M-Bus: Sensors and metering devices (hot- and cold water meters and energymeters)
  • Modbus: Wired local connection to HVAC valves and HVAC controllers
  • BLE: Multi-profile communication available Q1/2021

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  • Interoperability across standards
  • Broad range of sensors, multiple manufacturers
  • Long wireless range inside the building
  • Simplified planning and quick installation

Commercial Buildings

Vitir’s products digitize existing buildings with a flexible and scalable system of infrastructure components with connected devices operating on open standards.
As the data is never leaving the building before entering the on-site BAS automation system, the building will regulate itself off-line. As MergeRF® Bridges connect both to wired interfaces and wireless sensors and actuators, data can be made available and actuators can be controlled with minimum delays for increased precision regulation.

Connected Health

Connected health sensors, both mobile and fixed devices, are roaming seamlessly in one common wireless mesh network. The low-cost infrastructure for BLE connected health sensors and assisted living solutions offer continouos monitoring of status regardless of their location.

  • Patients can be connected at all times at care centers and nursing homes
  • Connected health by monitoring health sensors and well-being equipment in private homes

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